Contributions made by business owners from all over the world are welcomed by Hong Kong; thus, many foreigners choose to have their business registered there. The corporate tax rates of Hong Kong are also very low. Therefore, those who start a business in Hong Kong will suffer less of a tax burden than those who opt to do so elsewhere.

As there are many benefits of owning a company which has been registered in Hong Kong, perhaps you are interested in doing likewise. If you are, you can always use the assistance which is provided by us at Paul Hype Page & Co. We understand much about the inner workings of company incorporation in Hong Kong and will put this understanding to use in order to best serve your needs. Should you require us to contact any government authorities on your behalf, we will also do so.

Business Registration Numbers in Hong Kong

When one registers a company in Hong Kong, there are several details to which the person involved must attend. These include the company name, required licenses, and fees to be paid, among others.

Another important aspect of company registration in Hong Kong is that of the business registration number. This number is a critical element of the registration and incorporation process. Every business incorporated in Hong Kong will receive a business registration number from the Inland Revenue Department.

The business registration number of a Hong Kong company is to be used as its primary form of identification. It consists of eight digits. A company’s business registration number is also to serve as its tax identification number.

Therefore, Hong Kong’s tax authorities make use of business registration numbers to ensure that businesses across Hong Kong have been complying with their respective tax obligations. Business registration numbers are also the official method by which companies based in Hong Kong may officially be represented. This is of particular importance when the company in question is to be associated with any official documents of records to be kept by the government of Hong Kong.

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The solutions we offer for companies and their owners cover important areas such as incorporation, taxation, auditing, and work visas, among others.

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We are always ready and willing to work with any genuine and legitimate company which requires our incorporation services or any other services we provide.


We offer company incorporation, consultancy services, auditing, taxation, immigration & compliance services.

Business Registration Number Searches

It is possible for anyone who is interested in doing so to conduct a search for a business registration number. This may be done through the website of the government of Hong Kong; specifically, in its eTax service section. Anyone who would like to search for a particular business registration number may do so by placing the full business name (in either Chinese or English) of the company in question as well as the location of the company into the relevant area on the website.


Important Changes to the Business and Business Registration Numbers

From time to time, a business will have to make important changes for its own good, the good of its employees, or both. Although such changes are often drastic, they may end up saving the company in the long term. Some of these changes may affect the name, address, or nature of the business. The cessation of the business may also be such a change.

Should a Hong Kong-based company proceed with a change of its name, address, or nature, its business registration number will remain unchanged.

If the company is to be closed, a notification must be sent to the Business Registration Office at least one month before the official date of cessation of business activities. After the cessation has been authorized by the Business Registration Office, the company will no longer be a registered company. The company’s business registration number will also be cancelled as it will no longer be valid.


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