Differences Between the Certificate of Incorporation and the Business Registration Certificate

There are several important differences between these two vital business certificates.

  • Perhaps the most important of these is the fact that certificates of incorporation only apply to limited liability companies. On the other hand, business entities of any type are to make use of the business registration certificate.
  • It is also possible for a company which has been incorporated in mainland China to receive a Hong Kong certificate of incorporation. However, it is not possible for such a company to receive a Hong Kong business registration certificate.
  • The authenticity of a Hong Kong certificate of incorporation can be verified by using the Integrated Companies Registry Information System. However, there is no way to directly verify the authenticity of a Hong Kong business registration certificate.
  • The processes of approval of the two certificates are simultaneous; however, they are not the same process. This therefore means that when a Hong Kong company owner receives a certificate of incorporation, the company owner will also receive a business registration certificate at the same time.

Certificate of Incorporation

In Hong Kong, a certificate of incorporation is issued by the Companies Registry. This certificate is issued after the completion of the incorporation of any Hong Kong-based limited liability company. It is of a standard design and is written in both English and traditional Chinese.

The key information contained within a Hong Kong company’s certificate of incorporation includes its registration number, its date of establishment, the certificate type, and the company’s official name which may be in Chinese, English, or both.

Certificates of incorporation are not to be confused with other business certificates which exist in Hong Kong. Such certificates include the Certificate of Registration as a Trust Company, the Certificate of Continuing Registration, and the Certificate of Change of Name. These certificates have similar designs and layouts to the certificate of incorporation.

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Business Registration Certificate

Business registration certificates are issued by the Business Registration Office. This certificate includes various details of the company which is to be incorporated. Every business owner in Hong Kong is to apply for a business registration certificate within 30 days of the commencement of business operations. Should there be any changes to the details of the business, the Business Registration Office will have to be informed accordingly so that the appropriate changes can be made to the registry.

A business registration certificate contains information such as the nature and type of the business in question, the expiry date, the certificate number, the name and address of the business, and the business’s date of commencement.

To receive a business registration certificate, one must complete the form known as IRBR 37. After completing this form, a fee as set by the authorities must be paid. Once received, the certificate must be displayed in the business location.

Of course, one cannot receive either of the certificates which have been mentioned without first having had a company incorporated in Hong Kong. If you are interested in this matter, allow us at Paul Hype Page & Co to attend to your needs. We will see to it that the incorporation of your Hong Kong company is done according to the regulations stated in the Companies Ordinance. Through our assistance, your new company will certainly be placed on the path towards much business success.

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