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Work Visas in Hong Kong2022-06-20T08:22:00+00:00

Snapshot of Hong Kong Work Permits and Visas

Foreigners who have the interests to work in Hong Kong must submit a work visa application (form ID 990A) and other relevant documents to start the process. The country’s workforce continue to remain strong and competitive, offering various options for individuals to apply for the right Visa in meeting their needs. Below here are a list of passes prospective employees can consider,

Employment Pass in Singapore

Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

A work visa option for professionals who falls under these categories of profession, Legal, Financial, and Innovative.

Technology Talent Admission Scheme

A work visa for those coming to work in Hong Kong in Technology sectors such as Financial Technology and Artificial Intelligence.

Dependent Pass in Singapore
Long Term Visit Pass in Singapore


If you are looking to acquire some knowledge or skill while working for one year, this is the visa to apply for.

Employment Visa

This applies if you are coming as an employee of a Hong Kong company.

EntrePass in Singapore
TechPass in Singapore

Holiday Working Visa

This Hong Kong Working Visa is intended to promote educational and cultural exchange between other countries and Hong Kong for those between 18 years and 30 years. It allows the visitor to enroll for short-term courses and get short-term employment during the holiday in Hong Kong.

Eligibility for Working Visa Pass in Singapore


Is it hard to obtain an employment visa in Hong Kong?2021-06-10T13:23:50+00:00

Yes, it is becoming a uphill task to get an employment visa in Hong Kong since most jobs that were initially done by expats are currently being executed by locals. However, you are always welcome to talk to a consultant of Paul Hype Page. Depending on your background, we can recommend you the most relevant visa for you to relocate to Hong Kong

When will I need a visa to enter Hong Kong?2021-06-10T13:22:25+00:00

If you are from the countries that do not visa to enter Hong Kong, you will only need a visa to Hong Kong when youseek to further your studies, conduct business, or for employment purpose.

At what point should I apply for my Working Visa?2021-06-10T13:22:46+00:00

You should apply for a Working Visa at the point when you have acquired the job offer or when you have been cleared as an investor. This is because you will need the job to offer proof in the application process.

The Working Visa may be applied for before arrival if you are not one of the visa-free entrants or while within Hong Kong as a visa-free entrant. The latter is so because you may have gotten the job offer while visiting Hong Kong.

What is the difference between Employment Visa and Working Visa?2021-06-10T13:22:53+00:00

A Working Visa is the umbrella visa under which Employment Visa exists. An employment visa is given to those arriving in Hong Kong with a unique skill set, as an employee in a certain company.

Can I consider a Long-Term visa if I plan to bring my same-sex dependent?2021-06-10T13:23:02+00:00

Yes. HKSAR or the Peoples Republic of China allows you to bring your dependence on a recognized same-sex civil union or an opposite-sex civil union if the union is lawfully recognized by the authorities of the place where it was celebrated. Where civil union refers to a legal partnership akin to that in marriage.

How long is the validity of an Employment for Professionals work visa?2021-06-10T13:23:29+00:00

A year. The visa can be renewed when it is expired. 

What is the cost of the Hong Kong visa?2021-06-10T13:23:14+00:00

The process of obtaining a self-employment visa in Hong Kong is the same as that of a business visa. They should cost no more than 250 HKD which is approximately 33USD. 

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