The company laws of Hong Kong state that every Hong Kong company is to appoint at least one company director. The company director may either be an individual or a corporate director. Locals and foreigners alike may serve in this role. Nominee directors may also be used if necessary.

Foreigners as Hong Kong Company Directors

Every company in Hong Kong is legally required to have a minimum of one company director. Among the responsibilities of the company director are to act in a manner which is of most benefit to the company in question, use the powers bestowed upon the director to best serve the members of the company, avoid conflicts between the interests of the company and personal interests, use the information the property of the company in a legal and ethical manner, and many others besides. Company directors of Hong Kong companies are among their most pivotal figures because it is they who provide the majority of the information regarding the future direction of the company and its business activities.

In Hong Kong, it is possible for a company director to either be a corporate director or an individual who serves in such a role. According to the company laws of Hong Kong, a company director is required be a natural person who may be of any nationality. For that matter, a company director is not even necessarily required to be a resident of Hong Kong. Residents of any country may serve in the role. Thus, from this regulation, it can be clearly seen that it is legally permissible for a foreigner to serve as the director of a Hong Kong company. In fact, one might even argue that it is this lack of restrictions placed upon foreign company directors that have encouraged many people from all over the world to start a company in Hong Kong.

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E A S I E R • F A S T E R • B E T T E R

Some who are unfamiliar with Hong Kong’s company laws might assume that every company director in Hong Kong is also required to be one of the company’s shareholders. However, such is certainly not the case; there is no requirement for any directors of a Hong Kong company to also be among the shareholders of the company.

If a company requires the use of any nominee corporate directors, such directors may be appointed to serve alongside all of the company’s individual directors. Meetings involving every member of the board of directors are to be held from time to time in order for the company to better assess its current situation. Hong Kong does not impose any geographical restriction upon such meetings because the meetings of a Hong Kong-based company’s board of directors are allowed to be held in any location, whether in Hong Kong or elsewhere. This flexibility has drawn many a foreign company director to take up the role in a Hong Kong company.