Can a Hong Kong company also have been Incorporated in another Country at the same time?

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Company in a foreign country

Many business owners in Hong Kong want to incorporate their company in another country simultaneously. Of course. Why not if it is possible. There are many advantages to do so.

Reach a larger customer base

Owning a company overseas besides Hong Kong can facilitate the company to reach a larger customer base. You can reach to new customers before your competitors and hence have a better chance to diversify your markets. When your customers consist of a diversity of markets, you can avoid a saturated market. In this way, your company is more stable.

Reduce operational costs

Also, a Hong Kong company owner who owns companies in multiple countries can reduce operational costs. As rent and labor cost are expensive in Hong Kong, you can set up a cost center in countries with cost-effective savings to reduce your operational cost.

Want to Start business in Singapore
Want to Start business in Singapore

Expanding your business with Paul Hype Page

Should you have developed an interest in starting a company based in Hong Kong or overseas, Paul Hype Page & Co is at your service. All you need to do is contact our incorporation team, and we will supply you with all the knowledge and information which you might need for setting up a company in Hong Kong or overseas.

Can a Hong Kong company also have been Incorporated in another Country at the same time? FAQs

How much is the corporate tax rate in Hong Kong?2020-11-27T02:04:07+00:00


If I want to register a company in Hong Kong, do I need to present in Hong Kong?2020-11-27T02:03:49+00:00

No. You can register a company in Hong Kong without being present in Hong Kong.  

Can a foreigner start a business in Hong Kong?2020-11-27T02:03:33+00:00

Can. Any foreigner can own a business in Hong Kong. 

I want to set up a company in Singapore, can I incorporate in Hong Kong simultaneously?2020-11-27T02:02:32+00:00

Yes, you can incorporate a company in Hong Kong and Singapore simultaneously. 

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