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Many entrepreneurs from all over the world have chosen Hong Kong as a location in which to start a business. Due to its business-friendly atmosphere, lack of legal barriers to starting a business, and low company incorporation costs, Hong Kong has proven to be an excellent choice for this purpose. Check out more details in our video!


From time to time, every company in Hong Kong will have to hold an extraordinary general meeting (EGM). EGMs have to be held to discuss major company issues which cannot be put off until the company's annual general meeting. Thus, the existence of an EGM implies a problem to be solved immediately. Check out more details in our video!


There are many advantages to starting a company in Hong Kong. Thus, many people from all over the world intend to do so. Those who do should know about the laws, requirements, criteria, and facts about company incorporation there before they proceed with starting the company. Check out more details in our video!


There are many business structure options for those who plan to start any business in Hong Kong. From sole proprietorships to limited liability companies to partnerships and others, there is a business structure available to suit the needs of any business owner in Hong Kong. Check out more details in our video!

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