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Hong Kong is full of business opportunities, and Paul Hype Page is constantly looking for partners to work with. Explore new possibilities and maximize your potential in Hong Kong with Paul Hype Page.

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Foreign Entrepreneur / Entity

  • Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or business looking to venture into Hong Kong?
  • Talk to us to discuss market entry and business trends.

Dependent Pass Holder

  • Are you a Hong Kong DP holder interested in starting your own business or earning a side income?
  • The road from a DP holder to an EP holder needs to be carefully planned. Consult with us for the most suitable route.

Job Seeker

  • Are you recently retired, resigned or retrenched? Take steps to earn your own income.
  • Identify the best business opportunity for you. We support your business setup from A to Z.


  • Do you want to relocate to Hong Kong?  Hong Kong is the gateway to Asia, talk to us to find your way in.


How Foreigners Can Start a Business in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a start-up paradise for entrepreneurs due to its business-friendly atmosphere, ease of doing business, and low cost for company incorporation! Learn how foreigners can start a business in Hong Kong!

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