Five Reasons to Move to Hong Kong

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1. Hong Kong has a vibrant Culture

Hong Kong is one of the countries globally that has a rich culture. The interaction of east and west is evidenced by the thriving arts and scenes of cultural dances to the beats of orchestras, Chinese Opera, Jazz ensembles, films, among other talented performances.. Besides, the creative industry is overwhelmingly doing well and it employs about 135 000 people ranging from music to performance of other arts. Hong Kong has numerous annual events that include Art Basel Hong Kong, Hong Kong Arts Festival, Le French May, Chines Opera Festival, among others.

Other breathtaking sites like Victoria Harbor, West Kowloon Cultural District, and the Hong Kong skyline offer world-class cultural and integrated arts globally. Besides, Hong Kong has more than 480 intangible cultural heritage. Hong Kong has reservoirs of clean water throughout the seasons.

Cultural diversity is not something to be taken lightly since it affects both the cultural, political, and social lives of humans. Besides, there is a large community of ex-pats in Hong Kong who you will be part of, from all over the world.

2. Hong Kong has an excellent opportunity for education

The education system of Southeast Asia is one of the best globally thus Hong Kong is not exceptional in this. Therefore, if you are moving to Hong with your school-going children then you can be aware that they will get one of the best educational training. There are a number of international schools in Hong Kong that provide a range of subjects and quality learning skills. Besides, the international schools in Hong Kong offer various curriculum and outstanding after-school activities that can help your learners achieve their dreams. Hong Kong has over 70 international schools of which a third are British schools. Therefore, the education system in Hong Kong should not be one of your worries especially when you are intending to get an education for yourself or your children.

3. Hong Kong has an excellent public transport system

Whether you are just moving around for leisure or business purposes in Hong Kong, rest assured that the public transport system in this City-state will do you more good than harm. The public transport system in Hong is not only efficient but also pocket-friendly. The public transport is clean and reliable such include the city’s metro system, public buses, taxis, and trams. Therefore you do not have to always leave your home with a car if you don’t have to use it. Using a public transport system once in a while will help you interact with other people as much as you would wish.

4. Its nearness to China is beneficial to business people

Hong Kong’s proximity to China has seen it attract many foreign investors. Therefore, if you are moving to Hong Kong for business purposes then you have something to smile about. You are now probably wondering how its proximity to China is beneficial. Well, apparently, China is a highly populated country in the world with a population of about 1.39 billion. This implies that if your business penetrates China then you will have a large market base to sell your products and or services. If your business can only a quarter of this population, then that will imply that you will have a ready market of over 347 million persons. This cannot be underrated since this number can birth a relatively high-income even if the products have a small profit margin.

5. Food and outdoor playground

Last but not least is the range of activities and varying meals that exist in the City-state. Hong Kong has approximately 70 percent green space with over 250 islands and more than 300 hills. The numerous outdoor activities that exist in Hong Kong are good for refreshments and other fun activities. Water sports are a popular fun activity in Hong Kong. You are a fun of sailing, wakeboarding, surfing, windsurfing, and kayaking then Hong Kong will augur well with you. Other water activities include cycling, beach barbeques, and public swimming, among others.

On the other hand, Hong Kong has a range of foods staffs with more than 11000 restaurants that you can choose from. Going hungry is one of the things that you won’t experience in Hong Kong since the various cultural practices enable restaurants to have various kinds of meals at their disposal. Some of the dishes that you will enjoy in Hong Kong include among others; American, Italian, French, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian dishes, among others.

In summary, living in Hong Kong is a better experience than anyone can wish for whether they are moving to the place for recreational purposes or for business. Besides, ex-pats also find the place enjoyable and fit for their activities. If you are planning to move to Hong Kong yet you are stranded on how to commence the journey then you only need to contact Paul Hype Page consultation services to help you with arranging your journey including the legal documents that you will need to enter Hong Kong territories.

Five Reasons to Move to Hong Kong FAQs

Is it safe to move to Hong Kong2021-03-11T02:15:38+00:00

Hong Kong has one of the low crime rates in the world making it a safer place to move to. Equally, the City-state has laid down proper procedures to ensure that they curb the COVID-19 pandemic by distancing themselves from China where the virus is believed to have originated.

Is Hong Kong a clean state?2021-03-11T02:15:48+00:00

Hong Kong is clean is orderly. The country has a clean metro with orderly lanes in some of the underground hallways. Apart from the recently reported air pollution, the Hong Kong environment remains clean and admirable

What is so special about living in Hong Kong that makes it attractive to many foreigners?2021-03-11T02:15:57+00:00

Well, the City-State has one of the world’s most thriving economies globally. Therefore, Hong Kong is a business and international trade hub that competes globally. Besides, it is a cosmopolitan city that weaves Western and Asian cultures.

How expensive is it to live in Hong Kong?2021-03-11T02:09:44+00:00

The cost of living in Hong Kong is relatively high partially due to the high rental costs. Otherwise, there is nothing else that makes the cost of living in Hong Kong high.

Why should I move to Hong Kong?2021-03-11T02:08:32+00:00

The benefits of moving to Hong Kong include among others basic and affordable health care that is provided by the government, a fairly low taxation rate, and a high-quality education system. A rich culture is but an added advantage.

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