Many of the foreigners who have moved to Hong Kong would also like their family members to reap the benefits of moving to Hong Kong. Such foreigners may use Hong Kong’s Dependant Visa Scheme to allow them to move there. However, only those who are eligible may use the scheme to bring specific family members to Hong Kong. Ineligible visa sponsors may not bring anyone to Hong Kong. Ineligible family members are also disallowed from entering Hong Kong via the Dependant Visa Scheme.

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People Eligible to Enter Hong Kong Through the Dependant Visa Scheme

All eligible foreigners who sponsor the entry of one or more dependants are categorized into either Category A or Category B. Foreigners who are part of Category A are those who are either permanent residents or residents who are not subject to any limit of stay in Hong Kong. Those in Category A may use Dependant Visas to bring the following people to Hong Kong:

  • Unmarried children (adopted or biological) below the age of 18
  • Parents aged 60 or above
  • Spouses

Foreigners who are in Category B are those who have been issued Hong Kong visas for specific purposes. Such visas are those intended to be used for training, investment, establishment of a business, tertiary education in Hong Kong, or employment in Hong Kong. Any foreigner who has been allowed to be in Hong Kong by the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme is also in Category B.

The following people are allowed to be brought to Hong Kong by sponsors in Category B:

  • Spouses
  • Unmarried children (adopted or biological) below the age of 18

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People Who Are Barred from Making Use of the Dependant Visa Scheme

Not everyone who plans to enter Hong Kong through the Dependant Visa Scheme is permitted to do so. Some people are ineligible to do so.

The following people are not allowed to enter Hong Kong through this scheme:

  • All citizens of China who reside in mainland China (with the exception of those who are part of Category B)
  • Former residents of mainland China who currently reside in Macau and became residents of Macau through methods besides the One-way Permit Scheme
  • Citizens of Albania, Cuba, Afghanistan, or North Korea
  • Unmarried partners


Documents Which Must Be Submitted by Sponsors

There are certain documents which a sponsor must submit to the authorities before they may begin to bring anyone to Hong Kong via a dependant visa. These documents include the following:

  • Copy of the sponsor’s identity card
  • Part B of the Dependant Visa Application Form
  • Copy of proof of sponsor’s recommendation
  • Copy of proof of sponsor’s financial wherewithal
  • Copy of the personal details page of the sponsor’s passport

Each of these documents must either be in Chinese or English. If any are not, these documents are to be officially translated into either Chinese or English by an approved translation body. Further documents may also be demanded by Hong Kong’s immigration authorities.

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