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Advantages of a Hong Kong Passport

However, in spite of the fact that a Hong Kong passport is outranked with regard to mobility when compared to many other passports around the world, one key advantage possessed by the owner of such a passport is the number of people to which they have visa-free access. The countries with which visa-free access is provided to a Hong Kong passport holder cover a total area of 79.5 million square kilometers.

Even more important is the number of people who live in the countries which are accessible through the use of a Hong Kong passport and without the use of a visa. A total of 3.8 billion people are accessible in this manner. In this statistic, no country in the world outranks Hong Kong, although a Hong Kong passport might not provide visa-free access to as many countries as certain other passports.

Want to Start business in Singapore
Want to Start business in Singapore

Historical heritage of the Hong Kong Passport

In order for one to understand why a Hong Kong passport provides such large international access, its history must be discussed.


United Kingdom

In 1997, the United Kingdom relinquished control of Hong Kong, surrendering it to China. However, even after this event, Hong Kong would continue to issue its own passports instead of using the passports which were in use by China. Hong Kong passports replaced the British National (Overseas) passport. For this reason, Hong Kong passport holders would also receive many of the same privileges to which UK passport holders were entitled.

Similar to their British counterparts, Hong Kong passport holders are granted visa-free access to every country and territory of the Commonwealth of Nations. Hong Kong passport holders are also allowed to access all countries within Europe’s Schengen Area for this same reason.



Another advantage granted to the owner of a Hong Kong passport is the fact that all benefits afforded to a Chinese passport holder are also provided to one who owns a Hong Kong passport. Anyone who owns a Hong Kong passport is allowed access to  mainland China without a visa. This is because of the Home Return Permit which may be used by almost every Hong Kong passport holder. Passport holders of Hong Kong are also allowed visa-free access to Russia as well as countries which were once part of the Soviet Union.

Now that you have read about the benefits of ownership of a Hong Kong passport, perhaps you might be interested in owning one. We at Paul Hype Page & Co are ready to help ensure your success. Our team will work with you throughout the process in order to ensure that every necessary step is completed. We will also contact Hong Kong government authorities on your behalf whenever you may require us to do as such.


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