How to Network your Small Business in Hong Kong?

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How Can I market my small business in Hong Kong?

1. Go Out and Make Friends

Socializing is one of the best ways to network your small business in Hong Kong. Getting out and meeting new people, make them your friends, and inform them what you do. Through the process, you might end up having a lot of friends and clients to help you spread your business in the country. If your friends or relatives are in Hong Kong, ask them to arrange a meeting with their friends with you. In this way, you can interact with them and make them your common friends.

The best places where you can find people and make friends can be hostels, public places like Victoria Peak, Victoria Park, clubs, gyms, etc. Be friendly and introduce yourself for a good conversation and relation. Ask for Instagram, email, and sometimes contact number as well to maintain this friendship longer. Once you are done with making friends, ask them about the best partners, business events, and other ways of networking.

2. Explore Websites

Always keep exploring different websites like LinkedIn, iStartup@HK, Instagram, and many other websites where you can check the business events, and ultimately, it’s a step towards better networking. iStartup@HK can help regarding the recognition of the product and acts as a platform for practical pitching and networking. Social networks will be of significant help when networking a small business in Hong Kong.

3. Research and Target the Market

Networking is all about numbers i.e., let’s say you meet twenty people, at least two of them will prove useful for your business. Therefore, you should be strategic in approaching and talking to suitable persons who are interested in entrepreneurship. First, target the market after thorough research and locate the sponsors and speak to the organizers for suggested targets in your industry. If you have a business idea and you like to talk about it with a suitable person and you could not find the right person, ask for the referrals and if you reach a dead-end, simply excuse yourself and ask for the directions to the restroom.

4. Become Socially Active

Being a socially active person in Hong Kong is a good source of emerging as a unique person in the society. You can make a welfare organization of yourself and get registered in your organization. Ask your friends to join this. In this way, they will also ask their friends to join and a network will be created. Go to schools and college levels for publicizing your organization. In this way, you will become a unique well-known personality in Hong Kong. In this way, you will come across many investors, businessmen, and persons with whom you can interact and make them a partner.

If you cannot make an organization, then take a seat in the local nonprofit organization and work for the betterment of the people. Organize the events for fundraising. Often, these boards of organizations are comprised of business owners and you can get a chance to interact with them and nurture yourself. You also could partner with local businesses for a charitable event including cleanup day etc. Provide your employees with unique T-shirts to come out as a brand in society.

5. Business Partners

In Hong Kong, there are innumerable networking groups, and it is essential to find out the right fit for your business, not in terms of suitable industry and suitable market but also the suitable person which can understand you and upon whom, you can trust. You should attend the get-together of part-time photographers if you want to build a partnership with major banks of Hong Kong, i.e., Google, LinkedIn, Face book and, together with industry societies, chambers and associations will all be perfect places to start finding the right event for you.

6. Attend Business Events

Always look for business events near you in Hong Kong. For that, you can use different websites, an invitation from your friend on the business event, LinkedIn, or through any other medium. Business events are the best source of advertising for your product and your company as well. You yourself must present the image of your company by your way of interaction with the people in that event. Following are some of the tips described below which can make the business even more productive.

  • Be who you are
    Most of the professionals and unprofessional indeed feel easy with the people they like the most. This is especially observed in networking events. So, it is preferable to be who you are. You are presenting not only yourself and the job but also the business environment and more than that in the event. So be yourself and behave well.
  • Listen to others
    Exceptions prevail everywhere about the severity of the situation. For the best communication and long-term relation, listening to others is also a technique of making the audience indulged. If you cannot listen to others, you can be everything but not a good business professional. You might come across a situation you never had expected. As you are there with your benefit and locating people with whom you can work. So, it is better to understand and listen to them. Don’t be too haste to tell your ideas all the time. You might have the patience of listening as well. In this way, you can find out proper networking partner and personality for your business.
  • Prepare some current topics
    In business events, usually, the people talk about business ideas and current issues which are on-trend. Having business ideas is the compulsory part but along with this, you might prepare some current topics to indulge in the group meeting of three to four people. You can have a great impression if you can share your thoughts about the current issues as well and in this way, you can get a bright chance to attract their attention. Now, you can easily share your business ideas with them once you have attracted them towards you.
  • Follow up
    A small number of people follow up on leads from these networking events so this is where your efforts are paid. Arrange that next conference, brief them about your company add them to your LinkedIn or invite them to your upcoming promotional event. But don’t think that adding them on LinkedIn will remove the need for email and contacting them personally. You will have to deal with them personally to get better results.
    In the end, don’t hesitate to try new things, enter new realms, meet new people, and make yourself a brand. It will be rewarding if you practice and you will be the celebrity of Hong Kong before you know it.

How to Network your Small Business in Hong Kong? FAQs

What is the best way to market a small business in Hong Kong?2020-12-07T01:40:24+00:00

You can network your small business through:

  1. Making friends
  2. Joining other built organizations
  3. Volunteer
  4. Promote your business
  5. Do the follow-up to strategize according to the statistics.
How can I network in Hong Kong?2020-12-07T01:39:58+00:00

The best way to network in Hong Kong is by identifying the best place and time to network, be organized and remain in touch, and utilize social platforms. 

Can I market my small business in Hong Kong at a lower or no cost?2020-12-07T01:39:26+00:00

Yes, it is possible to network your business at a relatively lower cost by utilizing available opportunities like socializing and making good use of social media platforms. 

How Can I network with my small business in Hong Kong?2020-12-07T01:35:32+00:00

There are numerous ways to help you network your small business in Hong Kong and they include:

  • Identifying your potential clients and socializing with them
  • Utilizing social media
  • Partnering with other media like radio stations

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