Elevator Pitching in Hong Kong

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What is an elevator pitch?

What is an elevator pitch? An elevator pitch is a brief, speech prepared in advance that can provide a precise summary of your business. All business owners are recommended to have it ready 24/7. A well-prepared elevator pitch can help the business owners to advertise their business or pitch a business idea more effectively. It is proved as one of the most compelling however most modest advertising tools useful for small enterprise owners. The best elevator pitch should be done in 20 – 65 seconds without rushing.

Why elevator pitch is important in Hong Kong?

To get your business started in Hong Kong, it is essential to brush up your ability to elevator pitch to potential partners and investors. Hong Kong is a fast-paced city. The competition is fierce in Hong Kong, people are always in hurry. With an elevator pitch ready, you have a better chance to trigger the interests of potential partners and investors in Hong Kong.

How to write an effective Elevator Pitch

Highlight your unique selling proposition (USP)

Even though an elevator pitch is short, you should be able to address your unique selling proposition (USP) by explaining how you distinguish from other business owners who are doing the same what you do. Perhaps it’s your different strategy, difficulties you overwhelm by yourself, or relevant experience. Once you do with your pitch, the next step you do is giving a call to action by providing something that highlights your services, such as your business. Make your leads know how they can hear more and do follow up. Guide them about ways to communicate with you further or how to schedule a meeting with you.

Know Your Audience

Another key point is knowing your audience! Who are them? What do they care about? Let your leads talk about their business and pain points they are facing. It’ll help you to know about them and use solutions to their pain points in pitch.

Less is more

As a business owner, you want to tell people everything about your business, we get it! But, is your audience interest? Too much information may result in lost interest in the lead by annoying or making them bore. Be specific and pitch your point with relevant information that interest lead to know more about your business. Describe benefits over your features that can help you a lot. Less is more! If you manage to trigger their interest in 3 seconds, you can schedule a meeting/ meet up for details later on.

Practice Practice Practice

Never just stop after writing and reading your elevator pitch; practice it by speaking out loud. It would be best if you sounded normal when you say it aloud. Otherwise, you will come off as a salesperson. Your pitch flows like a part of a natural conversation when you find an opportunity. If it’s not, then go through it again by rewriting until it sounds natural.

Elevator pitch is like a business card that introduces your services to people. Don’t stop over the answer, “What do you do,” But use your pitch to engage leads and build interest and turn into prospects.

Elevator Pitching in Hong Kong FAQs

What should you avoid in an elevator pitch?2021-03-02T01:27:04+00:00

Even though you only have less than 1 minute for an elevator pitch in general, you should not speak fast! You should also avoid using jargon and showing desperation.

How do you end an elevator pitch?2021-03-02T01:26:38+00:00

An elevator pitch should end with a call for action. What do you want next? A meetup for details? Funding for your business? A collaboration? Close your elevator pitch by asking for or stating what you want to happen next can never go wrong.

Why elevator pitch is important?2021-03-02T01:26:16+00:00

An elevator pitch is important because it articulates the key aspects of your business/ idea in a short time.

Why is it called an elevator pitch?2021-03-02T01:25:09+00:00

It is called an elevator pitch because the speech should be delivered between 20-60 seconds, just in time for an elevator ride. 

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