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Why the Selection of a Company’s Name Is Important

Selecting a business name is a vital process which must be completed by any new business anywhere in the world. Such is also the case with regard to companies based in Hong Kong. Any prospective business owner who owns a company which is to be easily identified, frequently discussed, and recommended by any customer of the business will be aided in this matter through the use of a well-chosen name for the business. The name which is chosen by a new company owner for the business could have the potential to change its future because a suitable business name will usually bring about the success of the company. A distinctive and unique business name will also enable your company to stand out, thus allowing it to gain an advantage over its business rivals.

It is also important to select a business name which fits the business operations of the company. Business owners who select a name which is in line with the business operations of the company will find it much easier for any potential clients or customers to contact and interact with the business. This in turn helps the business build its brand.

Business names can also help the business receive attention from the media. A business name which captures the attention of those in the media will cause the business to receive more public exposure. This in turn will cause the business to be better able to advertise itself. Clients will also find it much easier to remember the name and brand of the company in question.

The selection of a suitable business name is not only related to the branding of the business. A business with a well-selected name will find it much easier to receive potential investments. The business name also aids with strategizing as well as attracting the target audience of the. Most importantly, the name of any company must be compliant with all laws and regulations related to company names in the country in which business operations are to be conducted.

Company Names Which May Be Used in Hong Kong

The process of selecting a company name for a company based in Hong Kong is comprised of several steps. When one is to register a company name in Hong Kong, the owner of the company ought to know that a company in Hong Kong may either be registered with an English name or a Chinese name. Those who decide to register a company with an English name must end the name of the company with the word “limited” while companies which have been registered with a Chinese name are to have the name end in the characters “有限公司”. It is also important to note that a combination of English words and Chinese character(s) is not allowed to be used for the name of any company based in Hong Kong.

There are circumstances in which a company name may not be accepted for the purposes of company name registration in Hong Kong. If the proposed name is the same as one which already exists in the Registrar’s index of company names at the time of the registration of the company name, it will be rejected. If the company’s name according to the Registrar is either offensive or in violation of public opinion or interests or if the Registrar claims that the name of company could be used to commit a criminal offense, the name of the company will also be denied registration.

Want to Start business in Singapore
Want to Start business in Singapore

How a Business Owner in Hong Kong Selects a Company Name

Selection of a business name may sometimes be a difficult process which requires the input of professionals as well as other people who have experience in the naming and registration of companies in Hong Kong. However, those who have made themselves familiar with the requirements and legal restrictions which involve the process of naming a business in Hong Kong will find the name selection process to be much easier.

Those who select a company name in Hong Kong must understand the conditions under which a company name would be considered the same as another. If the company name is in English and the word “the” is used as the first word of the company name, any company name registered under the same name except for the word “the” will be considered as the same company name. Abbreviations are also considered to be the same word as the same abbreviation when spelled out in full. To ensure that a company name which has been selected is not a duplicate of another company name in Hong Kong, one can run a name search of the suggested company name through either the use of the Cyber Search Centre or Company Search Mobile Service.

Selecting a company name in Hong Kong should also be in line with the business objectives of the company for the purposes of branding. If the name of the company indicates to some extent the services which it provides, market penetration in Hong Kong will be made much easier.

When selecting a company name for registration in Hong Kong, it is essential to decide on which language, whether Chinese or English, will be used for the company name. Careful selection of the language is required so that the company owner will be able to arrive at a name which will facilitate the promotion of the company’s brand and identity

How the Selection of a Company Name in Hong Kong Is Related to Company Incorporation

The selection of an approved company name is an important part of the company incorporation process in Hong Kong. This is because any name selected for any company to be established in Hong Kong is to be compliant with the company name laws of Hong Kong while at the same time being in line with the objectives and purposes of the company. A suitable company name will also do much to ensure the future business success of the company. Company names in Hong Kong are not to be confused with corporate names. In Hong Kong, a corporate name is a name which is a translated domestic name that has been registered by a non-Hong Kong resident.

selection of a company name in Hong Kong is related to company incorporation

Changing the Name of a Company in Hong Kong

Changing a business or company name in Hong Kong is possible. One can opt to change the name of the company when they plan to take the future of the company in a different direction or when there is a need to modify the name for branding purposes. In either case, the standard process and conditions which relate to the changing of a company name apply. Those who plan to change the name of a company in Hong Kong ought to prepare relevant documents to be signed. After the documents are signed, they are to be submitted to relevant authority figures of the government of Hong Kong. The fee for the filing of these documents is HK$295. Upon successful submission and the payment of the fee, the person who submitted the documents will be issued a new Certificate of Incorporation.


In summary, company naming is essential for the branding of a company. Therefore, if anyone wishes to start a company in Hong Kong, it is advisable that they find experts in company naming to assist them with the naming of the company as well as understand the rules regarding company names before they attempt to register a name for their Hong Kong-based company. Those who fulfill all of the company name requirements of Hong Kong will then be able to proceed to the ownership and operation of their new company in Hong Kong.

Selecting a Company Name in Hong Kong FAQs

How much are the fees if I want to change my company name?2021-01-06T03:32:43+00:00

If you want to change your company name, the fees are HK$295. 

Can a changed company name in Hong Kong be changed back to its prior name?2020-02-06T02:43:14+00:00

There is no reason why the name of a Hong Kong company cannot be changed back to its prior name. However, any company owner who plans to undo the name change must undergo the complete name-changing process as if the company’s name were to be changed to an entirely new company name.

Why are abbreviations deemed to be the same word as a name which has been spelled out in full?2020-02-06T02:42:54+00:00

Although the spelling of an abbreviation and its full-spelling counterpart may differ, the meanings of the two names are exactly the same. For functional purposes, the two names ought to be regarded as the same name. Therefore, the company laws of Hong Kong rule that such names are to be treated as such.

Why are companies in Hong Kong not allowed to use English words and Chinese characters in the same company name?2020-02-06T02:42:26+00:00

According to the laws governing company names in Hong Kong, all company names are either to be entirely in English or entirely in Chinese so as to simplify the process of company name selection. Using a combination of these languages is a violation of the company laws of Hong Kong.

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