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Classifications of SMEs

The government of Hong Kong divides all SMEs which have been registered there into two different categories. One of these categories is that of manufacturing companies, while the other is that of non-manufacturing companies. To be defined as a Hong Kong-based SME, a manufacturing company must not have employed 100 or more employees. Non-manufacturing companies are not to have employed 50 or more employees if they are to be defined as SMEs.

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Support for SMEs

In order to foster the development of SMEs in Hong Kong regardless of the industry which they inhabit, the government’s Trade and Industry Department (TID) has created certain initiatives for such a purpose. Among these initiatives are the administration of funding schemes, the provision of secretarial support to the Small and Medium Enterprises Committee, the provision of business information to SMEs for their benefit, and participation in activities initiated by the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) which are intended to be advantageous to the business fortunes of SMEs. In this way, the Hong Kong government through the TID ensures that SMEs all over Hong Kong are likely to prosper.

Want to Start business in Singapore
Want to Start business in Singapore

Breakdown of SMEs by industry

The number of SMEs which conduct business operations in Hong Kong is always increasing. The most recent set of statistics shows that there are approximately 340,000 Hong Kong-based SMEs today. SMEs make up over 98% of all businesses in Hong Kong today.

Industry  No. of SMEs No. of Employees
Total  341 802  1 253 555 
Manufacturing  8 332  48 424 
Mining & Quarrying; Electricity & Gas Supply, Waste Management; and Construction  1 726  16 505 
Import/Export Trade and Wholesale  107 453  408 102 
Retail  43 721  132 163 
Transportation, Storage, Postal and Courier Services  8 437  43 738 
Accommodation and Food Services  13 934  118 989 
Information and Communications  15 491  49 246 
Financing and Insurance  29 838  68 963 
Real Estate  16 538  36 526 
Professional and Business Services  51 843  161 930 
Social and Personal Services  44 489  168 969 

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