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Hong Kong territory is mostly mountainous, hence there are many high places where you can enjoy watching the breath-taking scenery of the city, the islands, and the sea. Some parks and beaches are easily accessible anytime via public transportation. Behind the ridge to the south of the island are quiet villages favored by the affluent of whom most are expatriates.

For the people who are anticipating, wishing, or deciding to live in the energizing city of Hong Kong, we attempt to clarify some points that help have an overview of how life is in Hong Kong.

What is the Climatic Condition of Hong Kong?

The climate of Hong Kong is subtropical. That means Hong Kong has four distinct seasons characterized by the atmosphere:

  • Summer as heated and stormy,
  • Spring as warm and damp,
  • Winter as barren and cold, and
  • Autumn is pleasant and sunny.

Monsoon season also influences Hong Kong and make it suffer from tropical storms and hurricanes. However, there are measures and budget put in place to deal with Mother Nature’s outstanding typhoon threat. Most of the buildings constructed primarily for ex-pats and tourists are specially built to overcome the anger of such an event for safety.

Cultural Civilization in Hong Kong

The history of Hong Kong is lengthy, enthusiastic, and thrilling and it consists of many cultural differences and differences in customs. Most houses don’t have the fourth floor. The reason behind this is in the Cantonese language, the word spoken for “fourth” sounds very much like death.

On festivals, for example, such as the grand party of Chinese New Year the whole city shuts, and it becomes the time to celebrate with your loved ones close to you. Other prominent festivals are the birthday of Tin Hay, The Hungry Ghost Festival, and the Spring Lantern Festival.

Official and Local Languages in Hong Kong

English and Cantonese Chinese are the two authorized languages in Hong Kong. Although Mandarin Chinese is not officially recognized, it is an addition to the languages you are likely to hear people conversing in. All signing of the sign language in both English and Chinese language. Most working-class citizens are well conversant with the English language.

Want to Start business in Singapore
Want to Start business in Singapore

How is the Healthcare System?

In Hong Kong, the health care system is extraordinary. There are public and private healthcare systems. Public healthcare is accessible to everyone as long as they have a legal ID card.

In the past, many employment agreements comprise private Healthcare as one of the bonuses. But nowadays this is only given to expats working at the very highest level because of the high competition and hand back of Hong Kong to the Chinese. Despite this, many expats process their insurance policies to be able to access the English-speaking healthcare systems.

How is the School System?

Hong Kong school system is well established and follows the International Baccalaureate schooling system of education. However, many parents prefer to enroll their children in international schools as they are having high standards of knowledge, even though they are very costly. The foreigners intending to settle in Hong Kong can take advantage of the education system set up a lucrative business.

High Cost of living and expensive lifestyle

In Asia, Hong Kong is considered the 3rd most expensive city (behind Beijing and Shanghai) and the ninth most expensive country worldwide in terms of living standards. The prime expense is expended on lodging by people living in Hong Kong.

Every day, more and more people are driving to live in Hong Kong. Because of the many beautiful scenery and parks to visit, life is very luxurious and costly. Eating out and nightlife is very expensive. Restaurants and hotels are taking advantage of the lifestyle and presence of visitors to flourish. Hong Kong is home to the best restaurants serving delicious and mouth licking dishes.

How is the Transport System?

MTR is the public transport system in Hong Kong. You can purchase a pre-paid card called an octopus card to pay for transportation costs easily. The card’s usage is widely accepted by owners of metro and taxis.

Real Estate

Although Hong Kong is small, real estate is more costly. When you run out of space to expand your building, the option is to go up, emerging in many skyscrapers’ buildings.

There are two options by which a person can own a home in Hong Kong: You can own a home through the transfer of property. The transfer may be from a parent, family member, relative, friend or other sources, or

Another option is to own a home through the purchase of a property. All foreigners can own a home in Hong Kong except Afghans, Albanians, Cubans, North Koreans, and Chinese from the mainland (unless they are permanent residents in another country). Foreigners can buy properties such as apartment houses and rent them out without restriction.

Life in Hong Kong FAQs

What conditions may be considered as demerits by those intending to move to Hong Kong?2021-02-16T01:44:04+00:00


Despite Hong Kong’s outstanding public transport, navigating your way through the city during the working days can prove quite an uphill task as the walkways are full of people trying to access the commercial city. 


Air pollution is real, especially for those who move from western countries where pollution is minimal. This is a result of the many vehicles and companies in Hong Kong. 

High rental rates 

Rental costs are higher in this region almost worldwide. 

What is life like in Hong Kong?2021-02-16T01:43:42+00:00

Most expats think life in Hong Kong is exciting and fast-paced. 

How much is a home in Hong Kong?2021-02-16T01:43:29+00:00

CNBC claims that a home costs more than $1.2 million in Hong Kong as of 2019. 

Does the Hong Kong community welcome expats?2021-02-16T01:43:06+00:00

Yes, the Hong Kong community welcomes expats in general. The expats in Hong Kong are widely accepted in the community and people are happy to assist the newly arrived expats

How much does a can of Coke cost in Hong Kong?2021-02-16T01:36:13+00:00

A can of Coke costs HKD$9.00 in Hong Kong. 

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