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Requirements for starting a business in Hong Kong

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How to start a business in Hong Kong and are there any minimum requirements?

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Paul Hype Page
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Here are some of the minimum requirements for Hong Kong incorporation process;
  • At least one designated representative - An individual director
  • A minimum of one to a maximum of 50 shareholders.
  • A company secretary who must be a Hong Kong resident
  • No minimum share capital is required.
Here are the steps to set up a business in Hong Kong:
Step 1: Apply for a business name and obtain a certificate of incorporation
Step 2: Prepare necessary documents for the Hong Kong Company Set Up such as:
  • Official copy of the Articles of Association.
  • Company’s registered address.
  • Brief description of the business activities.
  • Personal details of company stakeholders
Step 3: Submit Companies Registry Application
Feel free to contact us for more information! :) We are happy to assist and guide you through the process.

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